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Following the maintenance schedule for your furnace should allow it to last between 15 to 25 years. If the age of your existing furnace falls within that range, or if you’re seeing your heating costs increase year after year, you should strongly consider replacing it before winter sets in.

For those of us who live in Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota, winters can get pretty cold and stay that way for a while. In the dead of winter, you don’t want to be left in the cold, inside your house!

Consider how you could benefit from a new gas furnace from Richter Heating & Cooling. While you may not relish the idea of buying a new furnace, modern units tend to be much more efficient, which translates into energy and money savings.

Our heating and furnace professionals will guide you through the heating installation process and help you choose the perfect American Standard gas furnace that best matches your heating needs and falls within your budget. In addition to installing your new furnace, we’ll also dispose of your old furnace.


What does AFUE stand for?

Gas furnaces use Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) as their measurement. The higher the AFUE, the greater the efficiency and the greater your energy savings potential. Because some of the heating potential of fuels is lost during furnace operation, no furnace is considered 100% energy-efficient. The AFUE tells you the amount of fuel burned that actually goes toward heating your home on an annual basis. Prior to the 1992 federal regulations, most gas furnaces were built with standard efficiencies ranging from 60% to 78% AFUE. These are the furnaces that are being replaced today. For example, if you have one of these older furnaces with an efficiency of 65%, then out of every dollar you spend on fuel, $0.35 goes up the chimney! If you replace it with a new 90%+ AFUE furnace, then, of every dollar spent on fuel, less than $0.10 goes up the chimney—a 40% increase in savings!

American Standard – Voted #1 by Homeowners for Natural Gas Furnaces

At Richter Heating & Cooling, we only install American Standard natural gas furnaces. Why? We could tell you American Standard products are the most dependable in the industry, but it’s so much more believable when others do it for us. Readers of a national product testing and research magazine rated American Standard’s natural gas furnaces as the most reliable brand among leading manufacturers. Click here to see the full line of American Standard furnaces.

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